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Company Overview:

All of our services incorporate unique, industry-leading quantitative risk management methodologies and tools to successfully reduce cost, technical, and schedule risk. Bitgroup provides Expereince based leadership and professional IT process consulting resources to help acheive your IT service improvement and business objectives. The Bitgroup advantage methodology follows a proven, systametic and balanced approach to implementing IT service management. Our certified ITIL experts begin with an understanding of your business vision and business goals in order to better understand your gaps and pain points. We indentify the gaps between your business objectives and the reality of your process maturity. Then we work together in directed design workshops to define a process framework based on reusable ITIL best practice process artifacts, adapting and adopting them to your culture and organization.

Quantitative Risk Management:

On all customer engagements, Bitgroup leverages our significant expertise in the development and application of quantitative risk management best practices to improve quality, minimize schedule delays and budget overruns, reduce change orders, and optimize operational performance and productivity across all of our projects. In delivering our solutions, we identify sources of risk and use our established and proven technical and project management methodologies to quantify and mitigate those risks. Bitgroup’ key differentiator is our simultaneous focus on technical, cost, and schedule risk across all of our engagements. Bitgroup specializes in highly technical, highly complex projects where there are significant technical risks to enterprises, the environment, and critical infrastructure.


Bitgroup provides comprehensive engineering services to control technical risks to project success, typically resulting in increased operational effectiveness and significant cost savings. Bitgroup is adept at solving extremely complex technical challenges by offering solutions spanning systems engineering, architecture and design, start-up support and risk engineering. Bitgroup’ employees have extensive expertise in multiple industries and systems engineering disciplines, resulting in a unique breadth of capabilities to serve client needs. Recognized for our capabilities on highly technical, high risk projects, we are also known for its proven history of on-time, on-budget performance.

IT Architecture & Security:

Bitgroup’ IT architecture and security services consist of enterprise architecture and software development, systems administration, Data modeling and information security solutions, which are typically provided within the context of restricted access, high availability operations in enterprise environments. Bitgroup uses its industry proven methodologies to support knowledge management, semantic (Web 2.0) technology, secure network, and custom application projects. We leverage extensive expertise in risk management techniques to improve system reliability, performance, and security, which has resulted in the Company’s status as a trusted provider of high availability, mission critical systems to its clients.

Project Management:

Bitgroup provides project management expertise and support personnel in program/project risk management, project controls, risk-based schedule analysis, decision analysis, supplier management, technology readiness level assessment, process analysis, and cost estimating and uncertainty analysis that enables our clients to reduce their overall risk profile. Bitgroup offers the unique capability of risk-based program/project management, spanning technical, schedule, and cost management to adapt a holistic view towards program/project success. Bitgroup’ program/project risk management process provides a comprehensive, iterative program to allow clients to identify and manage risk throughout their project’s lifecycle. Proven methodology, comprehensive services, and a wide-ranging software toolset provide a complete, integrated capability which makes Bitgroup the leading program risk management provider-of-choice for our clients. Additional service offerings include cost/benefit analysis, cost estimating and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, six sigma and ITIL process and training, LEAN implementation, management and facilitation services, root cause analysis (related to Sarbanes Oxley compliance and DOE financial reporting compliance), project management plans, project/process analysis, cost account management, and subcontractor management.

IT process maturity assessments:

Need help performing an ITIL process maturity assessment? Uncertain about your IT process maturity level? Our certified ITIL experts will perform a thorough on-site assessment of your current IT processes and practices.


The Bitgroup assessment:

We start by working with your business to identify key representatives whom we interview on site during the assessment to determine the level of maturity for each process. At the completion of the assessment, we deliver a detailed assessment report to your senior leadership, with specific, structured guidance on how to implement our recommendations.

Where can we help:

Service design

Service Operation

Service offerings and agreements

Operational support and analysis

Managing across the life cycle

Service strategy

Service transition

Continual service improvement

Release control and validation

Planning protection and optimization

Service management essentials

ITIL awarness

Service level managment

Incident management

Problem management

Configuration management

Release management

Change management

IT with no business intelligence & alignment is just a bunch of tools.

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